super ace Jili BAN-LIEUE - Arnau Bach

Inspired by the major uprisings in the French suburbs in 2005, Ban-Lieue is a photographic essay that explores the porous territory of a contemporary western metropolis and uses the space of the city to create an urban and social metaphor that reinterprets the inequalities generated in it as a result of globalization and class polarization.

Banlieue, which in French means suburbs, is a word composed of two words. BAN, which means prohibition, abandonment or banishment and LIEUE, which is a term used to calculate the distance a person can walk in an hour.

It is from the decoding of the term Banlieue, where Bach takes as a departure point the wall of the city of Paris, which separates two universes, and embarks on a journey into its suburbs to converge with the different realities of those who were segregated and banished from the opportunity to live in a world that is now unattainable for everyone.